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We promptly provide all roof installation stages in a professionally performed manner at a competitive price and always finish with a thorough cleaning.

We always use the best roofing brand materials to supply you with high-quality at reasonable prices. Our business is 80% referrals, so it’s our most significant advantage to provide you with honest appraisals and quality workmanship. 

We teach you about your roofing conditions and enable you to make the best choice based on your needs. 

We’re committed to quality, and our roofing contractors has the experience required to get the work done quickly and at a reasonable price.

You’ve come to the right place! We have been in the roofing business for over three decades, and we’ve seen it all.

From shingle roofs to metal roofs, from flat roofs to sloped roofs, from adding a dormer or putting up a chimney cap—you name it, we do it.

We will take care of your roofing project with integrity and professionalism.

This means that you’ll get a top-quality installation at an affordable price because we know how important this is for everyone looking to hire Flower Mound roofing companies.

See What Your Neighbors Say About Us

Owner David and his crews did excellent work. He is honest, personable, responsive, and thorough. He made the entire process easy and painless. David even stopped by himself and made one additional nail sweep of my yard! Highly recommend!

David Watkins

David, thank you so much for your quick response to my call for help to inspect my fireplace/chimney and roof. You provided expert and honest advice about potential repairs and timing. As a general contractor, you also provided someone to come and price additional remodel work we are planning. Thank you!

Jacque DeHart

Dave takes great pride in his work. He made sure that every little detail was taken care of. Even those details that might not have been noted in the insurance company claim. He works well with insurance companies, and he was very helpful in making sure the insurance claim was complete in covering all damages. He is a good man, and we trust him.

William Evarts

Our Roofing Services

As a residential roofing contractor, we protect your home with durable roofing systems and affordable solutions.

Our commercial roofing company servicing Flower Mound, TX, include a wide range of high-quality roofing materials and superior service.

Having a free roof inspection today is the first step to knowing what your roof needs. We provide a full assessment and cost estimate.

A damaged gutter, skylight, or chimney left unchecked causes bigger structural issues with higher repair costs and more time.


You deserve to keep your home safe and dry.


The chimney can be dangerous if it is not maintained correctly.

Sometimes roofing shingles start to peel away, creating a gap around the chimney.

This gap can cause water to seep in, which can lead to mold growth inside the chimney.

Don't let this happen to you. Instead, be proactive and contact us for an inspection.

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Are you looking for a Flower Mound Roofing Company?

DKG Roofing has served the Denton County region for decades.

We provide good communication, exceptional work quality, and reasonable roofing rates.

Aside from roofing solutions, we offer advice to all your insurance claims directly with your insurance companies.

Our highly-aware roofing contractors are always on your side, and you can always contact us directly if needed and take a prompt and efficient approach. We offer roof inspections, roof maintenance, roof repairs, and replacements.

We Keep your Roof Reliable

DKG Roofing is a top-notch and well-respected roof company serving Flower Mound, TX.

We will put in the extra effort and provide a quality roof repair the first time.

We pride ourselves in providing the very best roofing service providing unbeatable customer service at affordable rates.

What We Do

As your one-stop North Texas roofing contractors, we provide everything you need to save you the hassle of having to contact multiple contractors.

We handle both commercial and residential roofing services so that we can take on projects of all sizes. So if your roof is starting to sag, looks lopsided, or is missing shingles, we’re here to help. We use the highest quality materials to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape.

DKG Roofing also provides comprehensive roofing inspections to let you know the current condition of your roof, along with our recommendations to restore it.

In the cases where your roof is too far gone, we also offer roof replacement.

Roof Replacement in Flower Mound, Texas

We are a local roof company that offers commercial and residential construction products. We use all kinds of materials and roofing systems, including slate, clay, ceramic tile, and asphalt roofing. With the wide range of roofing solutions we offer, you can freely choose the style and color of your roof.

We offer affordable yet premium high-quality replacement services, and a complete roof tear-off if a new installation is needed.

We adjust the roof’s pitch as per your wishes and the roof requirements, including flat slope being the most common roofing service we provide.

Gutter Installation and Repair

We also provide gutter repairs and gutter replacement in Flower Mound and surrounding areas.

Seamless guttering is the most beneficial as they only have the joints in the corners as they join up the installed downspouts.

We are the best roofing business with years of experience in gutters. Therefore, we only offer high standards in gutter replacement, gutter repair, and cleaning.

We only recommend high-end services and recommend you use only the best available ones. Don’t hesitate to contact our gutter cleaning team today for a complete estimate or free quotes. We are delighted to offer a comprehensive range of gutters.

Our Team Of Professional Roofers

We are proud of the excellent service our professional roofers deliver to every customer. Each roofer has been thoroughly trained and is experienced in handling your roofing needs to surpass your expectations.

DKG’s team goes above and beyond to ensure your roof is exactly as it should be. Additionally, we even follow up after your service to make sure that everything was done correctly.

Schedule Your Appointment

No matter your roofing issue, we’re here to help. Contact our talented team today at (940) 497-2833 to schedule an appointment so we can assess your roof as soon as possible.

Your Roofing FAQs

How does hail damage roofs?

Hail is the act of breaking through protective coverings, such as roofing or armor to create an opening for entry or exit. Damage caused by hail will appear on the surface of the roof. Various sizes and shapes will dent the area over which it has impacted. It can also cause leaks in areas where water gathers behind the roofing material.

How much does it cost for a new roof?

Replacing a roof can come with various prices based on location, size, quantity, materials used, and other factors influencing the job. If you need your roof replaced for any reason, call our Flower Mound contractor to get an estimate today!

How do I find a reputable roofing contractor?

A great way to find a quality roofer is through referrals from friends, family, or neighbors who have had roofs put on recently and can vouch that the roofing business did a good job. You could also try looking for local contractors online by checking out their websites and looking for reviews on sites like HomeAdvisor.com, Angie’s List, and Yelp. See our reviews in real-time here.

What materials make a good roof?

A roof should be made of quality material that will last for the duration of its warranty. A replacement may be made of metal, wood shingles or tiles, or slate.

To reduce utility bills and save on your energy consumption, consider installing a white membrane roof with an R rating to reflect sunlight away from home. This can also help to keep your rooms and furnishings cool on sweltering, Flower Mound, TX, summer days.

Do I need a commercial roofer?

Commercial roofs are made of materials that differ from those used on residential roofs; they may be more complex and require different skills or tools to install correctly. Commercial grade shingles (and nail guns), for example, use longer nails than standard roofing materials to withstand high wind speeds and other weather occurrences unique to commercial properties like schools and hospitals where you don’t want the roof blowing off in a storm!

You might consider hiring a commercial roofing contractor if you live in the Flower Mound area and want to install a roof on your restaurant, school, or office.

What is a good color for a Flower Mound roof?

There are many colors to choose from when it comes to choosing a roof.

However, consider installing a white membrane roof with an R rating if you’re looking to lower your utility bills and increase energy efficiency.

An “R” rating indicates the surface has been treated and its ability to reflect sunlight away from the home’s interior, thus reducing cooling costs.

How often should I replace my roof?

The lifespan of your roof will depend mainly on what kind of materials were used in its construction and our climate in Flower Mound.

A metal roof typically lasts about 50 years versus 15-20 years for shingles or tiles, although this will vary based on factors such as hail damage. As a general rule, most roofs should be replaced between 15 and 20 years of age.

How do I find out if my roof needs replacing?

If you’re unsure whether your current roof requires replacement, first check the shingles or tiles for cracks, missing pieces, and exposed nails. If you notice sagging in your roof’s structure, a replacement might be necessary. If you’re unsure how to tell if your roof is damaged or worn out, contact our Flower Mound contractor today!

Can I put solar panels on my roof?

If you consider installing solar panels, be sure to install them on the south side of your home. This will provide them with the optimum amount of sunlight year-round to generate electricity for your Flower Mound home.

Also, consider that each panel only produces 250-300 watts, so a roof-mounted system would need about 50 to 60 panels to meet your energy needs.

How should I handle leaks?

A small leak can turn into a significant problem if not dealt with from the start. Look at the areas around attic vents, chimneys, skylights, and your roof joints, as these are common locations for roofs to spring leaks. Fix any broken flashing around these areas and consider using an ice and water shield over valleys and other exposed areas on the roof.

What are the most common types of roofs?

Most modern roofs include shingles, clay or concrete tiles, and metal panels that mimic old-fashioned styles like wood shakes or slate.

If you consider installing a roof with shingles, be sure to ask us about the benefits of premium or architectural shingles if you live in Flower Mound or its surrounding areas.

Another thing to consider is that not all roofs are created equal. For example, roofs installed for homes in high-wind regions may require sturdier materials than those used on smaller, residential buildings.

What about insulation?

As part of your replacement project, make sure you include proper insulation. This will help reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs by preventing warm air from seeping out during the summer months and cold air from entering during the winter. Adding the right amount of insulation at this stage rather than waiting a few years will make a massive difference in your energy bills.

What is the best type of roof for Texas weather?

Metal roofs are considered one of the best options for our Flower Mound weather. Metal resists fire, rot, and corrosion better than other materials such as wood, asphalt shingles, or clay or concrete tiles.

Metal roofs do not absorb moisture like their counterparts, and they are also lightweight, so the structure does not experience lifting from wind over time.

How long will it take to replace my roof?

Depending upon what kind of roof you choose (metal, clay tile, concrete tile, etc.), how many layers require replacement (single-ply vs. two-ply) and whether new insulation needs to be installed underneath your Flower Mound roof.

Depending on the size of your roof, a replacement project could take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks.

How do I know if I need roof repairs or a new roof?

A roof repair focuses on a single area of your Flower Mound roof and can repair one or several damaged shingles, a hole, a leaky chimney, a cracked flashing – anything that is causing water damage.

As far as replacement goes, it is important to understand the structural integrity of your entire roof. If you notice any sagging in the structure from wind or moisture from rain or leaking gutters that have been leaking for an extended period of time cracking vinyl siding on the exterior walls near doors and windows- then you may need to consider replacing your entire roof rather than just repairing one area.

Roof replacements are usually necessary when there’s significant damage to your roof, but there are also several other reasons why you might want to consider replacing your roof.

For example, if your roof is more than 20 years old, it may be time to replace the existing material with more energy-efficient shingles or tiles that can help reduce your monthly heating or cooling bills.