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Tin Roofing and 4 Other Types of Metal Roofing Available On The Market

Denton County House roof made out of metal

Tin roofing and other metal types are among the most common roofing material available in the market today. If you’ve decided that this is the right option for your home, the next decision you will have to make is which metal you will use.

There are several metal types available for you to choose from. These include tin roofing, aluminum roofing, and more. In order to decide which to choose, you have to understand the options available to you.

Tin Roofing

Tin roofing is a popular request from homeowners because they think of it as romantic and cozy. However, what most homeowners are actually looking for is steel or metal roofing in general. Tin is a rare, unusual roofing material.

It was most commonly used as a canning material, and tin roofing became popular in rural areas when other materials were unavailable. When aluminum replaced tin in cans and containers, tin roofing was replaced for well. Today, you are unlikely to find tin being used as a roofing material.

Aluminium Roofing

Aluminum is the most popular metal roof available on the market. This is due to the fact that it is not only durable, it is also lightweight and resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal roofing material.

Aluminum roofing tends to come pre-painted, so you can make a decision based on which color you like most and which will go best with the paint applied to the rest of your home’s exteriors. The aluminum roof is also available ready to install. Furthermore, the flexibility of aluminum means that you can find the metal in any shape you prefer, from shingles and shakes to a standing-seam metal roof.

Copper Roofing

Copper is popular due to its natural beauty, as well as the attractive blue-green patina that forms on its surface when it is exposed to the natural elements. It is an extremely durable material and is a popular option among homeowners looking to increase the aesthetic appeal of their home.

However, this material tends to very expensive, especially if you are looking for a full copper roof. Due to this fact, many homeowners choose to opt to use copper as a roofing accent. Another drawback of this material is its tendency to streak and stain other materials when water runs off of it. Due to this fact, you should consider where you are installing copper roofing carefully.

Zinc Roofing

Similar to copper, zinc will form a patina over time. This makes it a highly durable metal to use as a roofing material and ensures that it is resistant to rusting. Its low melting point means that it is easier to manufacture. Furthermore, it is 100% recyclable, making it a good green option.

However, like copper, zinc is an expensive material to install. Furthermore, it is a soft metal. This means that it doesn’t hold up against impact as well as other metals. This is particularly a concern if you live in an area that sees a lot of hail.

Steel Roofing

Steel has been a popular option for commercial roofs for a long time and is now gaining popularity as a roofing material for homes. It is an exceptionally durable material and is the cheapest option on this list.

The biggest concern with using steel is that it rusts easily. In order to combat this issue, steel roofs are manufactured in a variety of ways to provide rust and weather protection. These include galvanized steel roofing, galvalume steel roofing, and weathering steel roofing.

Final Thoughts

If you’re confused as to which roofing material is the right choice for your needs, contact DKG Roofing at (940) 497-2833. We’d love to answer any questions that you might have and help guide you in making the right decision for your requirements!

Denton County House roof made out of metal

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