Maximize Your
Insurance Claims
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Denton County residential roof damaged by storm.

Holding Your Hand Through all Your Roofing Insurance Claims

Denton County Roofing Insurance Claims Services provided by DKG Roofing  gives you the peace of mind that comes from recognizing you have a professional team supporting your roof damage claim.

We provide you a complete assessment of your damage. We then detail the entire extent of your loss by collecting visual evidence and using outside authorities to help support your claim as required.

We know how painful it is to understand your insurance policy and learn how to apply your limited coverage to your property destruction. And also trying to determine the current fair market value of the loss.D

We Assist You Through the Process Step-by-Step

When the insurance company conducts its initial inspection and assessment of your claim, it will establish what procedure the claim will take to either payment or denial.

Having us assist you at the beginning will help the insurance company representative see your claim correctly, which will ultimately influence the claim’s life span and the sum it offers to you.

Besides getting higher payments, you will sleep better, knowing we handle the full process from start to finish, so you can focus on other day-to-day affairs. Letting us assist you with your roofing insurance claims relieves you from the burden of tedious paperwork and other mundane necessities to get your roof repaired or replaced.

Tile roof with broken tiles.

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How to Start the Roofing Insurance Claims Process

We Meet With You

We discuss your loss and conduct a thorough inspection to evaluate what is needed to get your roof repaired or replaced.

Review Your Policy

We obtain the declarations page of your insurance policy that was in effect on the date of your roofing loss.

Obtain Invoices

We obtain any emergency or temporary repair invoices you have already paid in regards to your claim.