Roof Replacement Signs You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Homeowners wonder when it's time to consider a roof replacement. Find out the signs you can't afford to ignore.
Roof Replacement work being done on a residential home.

One of the things many homeowners wonder about is when it’s time to consider a roof replacement. If your roof is literally falling apart, it’s clear that you need to replace your roof. However, ideally, you want to start work before things get that bad.

If you’re wondering whether roof replacement is the right choice for your home, here a few signs you shouldn’t ignore.

Curled or Buckled Shingles

If you have a shingled roof, keep an eye out for curling or buckling. Buckling can happen because of moisture, which pushes nails out of the decking.

This, in turn, can leave your home vulnerable to the effects of the weather outside.  Furthermore, it puts your shingles at risk of blowing off during heavy storms, which can require you to spend more on emergency roof replacement.

Algae Growth

Algae growth on your roof is a sign that bacteria are working at the weather-proofing components of your roof, particularly your shingles. Shingles often make use of fillers like limestone. It is the limestone that the bacteria work on.

Aside from algae growth, the effect of bacteria working on limestone also results in the sight of black streaks on your roof. This is an indication that the weather-proofing properties of your roof have been compromised, and you need to replace the structure.

Wind Damage

The Dallas area often experiences high winds and storms making your roof subjected to damage. This means that you will need to keep an eye out for damage after a storm.

Your roof should ideally remain completely flat in the face of heavy winds. However, if you find that strong winds result in your shingles starting to curl, fly away, or break apart, it is a sign that you don’t just need to replace your shingles, you need to replace the roof as a whole.

Moisture and Mold

If your attic is not properly vented, you risk condensation developing on the underside of the roof. This can cause a host of problems, starting with rusty nails right up to the growth of mold.

If this mold is not addressed in time, your plywood can become rotted. This will require you to invest in immediate roof replacement for several reasons. Not only is your roof at risk of breaking, mold and mildew are also a heath hazard, and must be removed as quickly as possible.

Leaky Chimneys

Your roof and chimney should be properly flashed. This ensures that your home is completely protected from outside elements like rain, wind, and snow.

If you notice water leakage around your chimney, this is a sign that either your chimney has not been properly flashed, or there is damage to the flashing. Whatever the case, this leaves you at risk of weather damage to the rest of your home.

Your flashing will need to be checked by a professional to ensure that there is a proper leak barrier around your chimney, eaves, and the rest of your roof. If necessary, you will need to consider roof replacement.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve ever looked at your roof and asked, “Why does my roof look so bad?” then it’s likely there are reasons why you roof needs to be repaired.

If you ignore these reasons, sooner or later you will discover that your roof is no longer able to provide you with the quality of protection that it used to, and you will have to replace it altogether.

Roof replacement is not an easy decision to make. It can often be far more expensive than simple repair. However, if your roof is failing, it is better to replace if before you are faced with an emergency.

If you believe that your roof may require replacement, contact DKG Roofing at (940) 497-2833 for help. We can arrange for a free inspection for your roof to check its condition and help guide you regarding the next steps.

Replacement work being done on a residential roof

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