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Roofing Tips & Suggestions by DKG Roofing Contractors

With over two decades under our belts, serving the needs of North Texas and Denton County Roofing clients, we have gained a lot of roofing experience and wisdom to share with you. 

Read our blog to learn about your roofing needs. See some of our completed projects with walk-throughs and which materials were used for those projects.

Denton County home with new roof.

Unveil the secrets of painting a metal roof to elevate your home's style. Find out innovative techniques and unexpected benefits here!

Cracked tiles? Leaks? DKG Roofing offers comprehensive roof repair service in Denton County, TX, turning roof woes into wins.

Struggling with truss repair? Uncover the key to a secure roof with DKG Roofing in Denton County, Texas.

Struggling with a roof crisis? Get expert advice and solve your roofing problems swiftly with DKG Roofing's emergency roofing repair guide.

Discover the secrets to preventing premature roof replacements! Learn 4 practical roof repair tips from DKG Roofing today and ensure a durable and long-lasting roof.

Struggling with broken roof tiles? Discover our comprehensive guide to replacing tiles.

Light up your life with solar tiles! Discover how they can save you money and make your home greener.

Discover the truth about hail damage roof repair with DKG Roofing! Tackle your roofing woes, and learn how to turn hail damage problems into success.

Think "Old World" when you think of a gambrel roof. They provide more storage space and headroom on the top floor, among other advantages.