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Understanding Metal Roofing Prices [Updated, 2024]

A home with a metal roof.

One of the most important metal roofing installation considerations is how much metal roofs cost. 

The metal roofs for houses cost is crucial for deciding whether this roofing material is appropriate for your home.

Let’s look at the metal roofs you may consider and the amount you can expect to spend.

Why Are Metal Roofs So Expensive?

Denton County a home with a metal roof

Before looking at the individual breakdown of the variety of metal roofs available, you must consider the general metal roof cost you can expect. 

While several factors can affect the price, metal roofs’ pricing ranges from $9,500 to $45,000.

The price difference is mainly due to the various metal roofing materials available.

Aluminum Roofs

Aluminum roofs

If you are looking for the best metal roofing lowest prices, look no further than aluminum.

Aluminum roofing material is highly reflective, making it one of the most energy-efficient options.

It’s also easy to work with and can be recycled when ready to replace it.

Aluminum roofs are among the least expensive metal roof options, costing between $3.25 and $5.75 per square foot.

Zinc Roofs

Zinc is one of the best materials for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance metal roof.

It naturally forms a coating as it weathers, protecting it against the elements.

Furthermore, this material reseals if any damage is incurred, such as scratches and dings.

It is a highly long-lasting material, and its lifespan means it is highly cost-effective.

Prices average between $5.65 and $11 per square foot.

Copper Roofs

Copper roofs.

Concerning the cost of a new metal roof, copper roofs are undoubtedly the premium option on the market.

Copper is long-lasting and, with proper maintenance, can last for as long as a century. 

Copper develops a greenish patina as it weathers. This patina not only helps protect it against the elements but can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and your existing roof.

Unfortunately, this luxury material is priced between $14 and $22 per square foot, making it one of the most expensive options.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofings are among the most common metal roof designs in the U.S.

A standing seam metal roof is eco-friendly, highly durable, and energy-efficient.

With a lifespan of over 60 years and proper maintenance, this roof type can withstand various weather conditions, including wind and rain.

Standing seam roofs average from $4 to $6.50 per square foot.

Steel Roofs

Steel roofs.

Steel roofs may be the most economical option if you are concerned about metal roofing prices.

Steel is a recyclable material, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and highly durable.

However, remember that these roofs have a limited lifespan of 15 to 30 years. Costs range from $7 and $9 per square foot.

Corrugated Metal Roof Panel

Corrugated Metal Roof Panel

One of the most popular types of metal panels is the corrugated metal roof panel because of its cost-effectiveness, low weight, and durability.

Corrugated metal roof panels come in a wide range of colors and styles, which we can paint to match the aesthetic of any home or business property.

Corrugated metal roofing panels are fire-resistant and tested to withstand hail up to four inches in diameter.

Because they don’t require frequent repairs or replacements like an asphalt shingle roof needs, they are more affordable long-term solutions for homeowners and business owners alike.

Price of a Tin Roof

Corrugated metal roofing

A tin roof is a type of metal roof made from tin sheets.

Tin roofs are often used on barns and other agricultural buildings as they are the cheapest metal roofing material and are durable.

Tin roofs are also popular for homes, as they are affordable and can provide a rustic look.

But how much does sheet metal roofing cost?

Knowing a tin roof’s price before installing metal roofing is essential.

Roofing tin prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the metal roof installation but expect to pay between $5 and $10 per square foot.

Metal Roofing Residential Cost

Metal Roofing Residential Cost

Many homeowners want to know what the residential metal roofing cost is.

Once again, to answer the question of what the cost of metal roofing is a difficult question to answer since so many factors exist.

Before we install metal roofing, the size of your home, the type of metal you choose, the installation’s complexity, and the labor price will all affect the total cost.

Metal roofing is generally more expensive than a traditional shingle roof.

But it’s also much more durable, so you’ll likely save money in the long run.

Learn more about metal roofing’s pros and cons here.

Contact us at (940) 497-2833 for metal roofing estimates.

We’ll then be able to assess your situation and give you a better idea of what to expect.

Galvalume Roofing Price

Galvalume Roofing Price

Galvalume Steel combines zinc and aluminum, offering better protection than galvanized steel since it has two layers of coating instead of one. 

It also reflects the sun’s rays better than galvanized steel, which helps keep your home cooler in hot weather months.

A Galvalume metal roof will generally cost between $6-8 per square foot, depending on factors like location and installation services. 

Therefore, it is essential to consider these costs when deciding if Galvalume steel is suitable for you because of its higher price than galvanized steel.

Final Thoughts About Metal Roofing

metal roofing

Metal roofs are an excellent option for great commercial roofing prices and savvy homeowners looking for durability, efficiency, and eco-friendliness.

There are many metal roofs to choose from, so it’s essential to research before deciding on one.

The prices vary depending on the type of metal and the installation size, but all metal roofs are more expensive than traditional shingles.

If you are considering a metal roof for your home and would like to discuss prices in greater detail, contact DKG Roofing as soon as possible.

You can reach us at (940) 497-2833. We’d love to work on your roofing project, from asphalt shingles and flat-roof repairs to metal.

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