Think "Old World" when you think of a gambrel roof. They provide more storage space and head room on the top floor among other advantages.
An old home with a classic gambrel roof.

When choosing a roof for their home, many people choose to go with a shape that is familiar to them. And among the most familiar roof types is the gambrel roof.

Also known as a Dutch roof, a gambrel roof is commonly seen on barns and stables throughout the United States. It is a roof that has sides, each of which offers a shallower slope sitting above a steeper one. It also has a symmetrical design, which allows for it to provide structures with the advantages of a sloped roof while also maximizing the space available within the building.

The promise of additional space means that aside from being popular for barns and other farmhouse buildings, gambrel roofs are also a popular choice for residential structures.

If you’re considering a gambrel roof for your home, you should first understand all the advantages this style offers.


This style of roof is a great way to add a sense of history to your home. The design is common in structures that date back to the colonial era, and using it for your home – even if it is a new construction – allows you to create a connection to the past. It is also a good way of distinguishing your home from neighbors.


Unlike newer styles, this style does not require the same number of columns and support beams. The final design only requires two roof beams and gusset joints. This allows you to save on the number of materials that go into your roof, thus allowing you to save on material costs. Overall, this roof type can be far more budget-friendly than other options.


Building a gambrel roof is relatively easy. While it seems complex at first glance, it has a simple framing method. This means that most contractors are able to easily build this roof for your home. Furthermore, it offers more space within the building than alternative styles, making it a cost-effective option to add space to your home.


If your contractor uses the correct materials during the build process, a gambrel roof can last for several decades. All you will be required to do is perform regular maintenance. In fact, well-maintained roofs in this style can last for more than a century.


This roof style is a great option if you’re a lover of natural light. This is because, with such a roof, it is easy to add windows to the design. Aside from making your home more inviting to spend time in, it also adds a lot of value to your property.


One advantage of this roof style is that you’re not forced to use a limited variety of materials. You can use everything from wooden shingles to slate and asphalt in order to build the roof. If you prefer metal roofs, using metal is also an option. As long as your contractor is willing to work with it, you can use more roofing materials available today, allowing you to create a truly personalized look.

Final Words

When analyzing roof types, it’s essential to take into account the benefits of each kind. Gambrel roofs are unique, classic styles with more floor space and more room, among other advantages.

However, a gambrel roof is not for everyone. While it has many advantages, structures located in areas that are prone to strong winds like the Denton County area, for example, may find that this style takes more damage in inclement weather.

If you’re wondering what type of roof is the best option for your needs, contact DKG Roofing at (940) 497-2833 for help. We’d love to answer any questions that you might have, and we’re here to help guide you through the selection process of choosing the right roof style to meet your home’s unique needs and requirements.

An old barn with red roof  built with a gambrel roof.

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