Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors In Denton County

Commercial Roofing Experts

DKG Roofing, the premier commercial roofing contractors in North Texas, delivers expert commercial roofing services.

Our commitment is to install and replace top-tier roofs for our commercial clients.

We achieve this using high-quality materials, state-of-the-art techniques, and the latest equipment backed by the industry’s most experienced roofing experts.

As specializing Commercial Roofers, we excel in:

  • Commercial Roof Replacement
  • Advanced Commercial Roof Installation
  • Roofing System Maintenance
  • Industrial Building Roofing
  • Apartment Project Roofing
  • Hospital Roof Services
  • Government Building Roofs
  • Church and Religious Center Roofing
  • Educational Institution Roofing

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Roof Repair

Extreme weather like tornados, hail, heavy rain, downed trees, and fluctuating temperatures can cause significant damage to your roofs. As the best commercial roofing company, We specialize in commercial roof repair, ensuring your roof is restored to pristine condition.


If your commercial roof is damaged or end of its lifespan, it's time for replacement. As a commercial roof replacement contractor, We are equipped to handle it. We will remove the existing roof system, repair any damaged substrate, and expertly install a completely new roof system.

New Construction

If you are looking for a general contractor to help with a new construction project, the DKG roofing team can help. Our highly trained professional roofers have years of experience installing new roofs in the Denton, TX area.

In North Texas storms, your roof serves as the first line of defense for your commercial property.

Looking for Commercial Roofing Repair Near Me?

Our Denton roofing service excels in prompt commercial roof repairs or restoration services, swiftly restoring your property’s integrity against severe weather.

Trust our experts for efficient, professional solutions to protect your commercial investment.

If your roof has been damaged, it’s essential to act quickly to get it repaired.

Our commercial roofing repair experts will work quickly and efficiently to restore your roof issues, such as commercial roof leak repairs, so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and sound.

When the moment arrives for a commercial roof replacement, particularly if it’s sustained significant damage or is approaching the end of its life cycle, you can trust DKG Roofing.

As a leading Commercial Roofing Company, we’re dedicated to serving as your reliable partner for all your roof replacement needs.

We recognize the significance of this investment and are committed to delivering superior roofing solutions.

Our Roof Replacement Process:

  1. Evaluate existing roof
  2. Remove the old roof
  3. Repair underlying damage
  4. Installing new roof system
  5. Conduct quality checks
  6. Perform final inspection

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Transform your business with a roofing investment that lasts.

As a leading industrial roofing contractor with over three decades of commercial property roof installation expertise in Denton, TX, DKG Roofing is your unwavering choice.

We navigate building codes effortlessly, guiding you to the optimal roofing system.

Our skilled workforce ensures precision with top-tier materials.

Choose DKG Roofing for a new roof built right—on time, within budget, and with unmatched quality, elevating your business to new heights.

Roofer repairing minor flaw for maintenance purposes.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

If you live in North Texas, you know our region is notorious for severe weather events.

High winds, hail, and even tornadoes are all too common here.

That’s why it’s essential to ensure your business is protected correctly, including maintaining your Commercial roof.

Your roof is your property’s first line of defense against the elements, so keeping it in good condition is essential.

It’s also important to regularly inspect your roof by a qualified professional.

As a commercial roof maintenance contractor, DKG Roofing helps you create your commercial roof maintenance plan so your roof will last a lifetime.

Building Roofing Options

Roofer working on a metal building roof.

The roofing industry is a multi-billion dollar market providing various options for commercial roofs.

Metal roofing, shingles, slate, and tile are all commonly used roofing materials, each with benefits.

Metal is durable and fire-resistant, making it a popular choice for commercial buildings.

Shingles are less expensive than metal and come in various colors and styles.

Slate is an environmentally friendly natural stone that provides a unique look for a building.

Tile is also environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

The roofing needs of a commercial building will vary depending on the type of business, the location, and its clientele.

DKG Roofing can help you determine the best type of roofing for your commercial building.